Being a peacemaker isn’t easy. It allows to you change the lives of the people. You go through a lot of peacemaking decisions. Peacemaking work is always challenging. You need to live out whatever you speak. If you are having a hard time where to start because you care about many issues, reflect. Weigh the situations. Try to look at what is in front of you. You can be a peacemaker in simple ways. Find the right opportunities. Live by the truth and justice. Start it within yourself. If you like to give yourself the chance to preach about the truth, eliminate the old ways. Be the instrument of peace wherever you maybe whether in the office, school, home, or in the church. Share your life genuinely. Be part of the other’s success. Prioritize those who go wrong. By sharing your life each day and by giving people hope whenever they are down, you make their lives calm and meaningful.

You become a full pledge instrument peace if you start to clear all your personal issues. How will you serve others jf you still have issues? You’ll go the right direction. Ask for the divine providence. Invest good efforts. Involve the others. Don’t be too quick. Give yourself enough time to nurture that gift in you. Learn as much as you can. Discover numerous causes wherein you can be part. Yes, a peacemaker spends most time doing worthwhile works but if you are a family man, don’t forget your own family. Have your plans. Share peace with your family and to those who share your precious life each day.

Be passionate of your dream. Don’t be a peacemaker for fame or other negative motives. Do it because the world needs it. Do it without expecting any return. If you are not happy with the injustice and discrimination issues, be an instrument of reconciliation. Get rid of selfishness. Think not only of yourself but the others. When you like to make changes for the better, don’t simply sit. You should do something. Get busy with your plans. Make both long term and short term plans. Instill to others the important of a peaceful world. In what way of life you’ll prefer, in a chaotic life or life with a purpose? We always have a choice. We should not falter to lead the right life direction. For that will give you true worth and security. Don’t turn to alcohols or drugs when you need to seek comfort. Don’t think that you have the worst problems. Think of those who live alone. Think of those who do not have families to take care of them. Think of those who carry the burden alone. Life challenges can be extreme. But, if you face them with courage, for sure you’ll win any battles.

Being a peacemaker needs a lot of work. You become the excellent negotiator. You should face any difficulties trusting that they can be solved. You need to encourage justice, equality and cooperation. Create a harmonious relationship within the community where you belong. Try to educate the kids especially those who are less fortunate. Tell them that they need to correct their wrong doings. They need to make their families happy. They need to take a share on every endeavor. You are a blessing to others if you can when you can encourage people to care and love one another than to fight. You are a blessing to others when you can be excellent in dealing with their problems and you help them. You are a blessing to others if you can make them more hopeful again. You can be a blessing if you can show to others how peaceful life is.