020-PeacePeace for all nations of the world! This phrase is every one’s dream. This is a powerful word yet very humble phrase that most people neglect nowadays. Almost every person often wishes for this. But how come we still experience violence and crime? Why are there numerous cases of murders and massacres? Why do people experience discrimination and poverty? Why are there still many victims of violence? Why is it hard to attain a peaceful community? This only shows that we are not sincere with our oath. We pronounce our campaign and ideas, but we find it hard to put it in action. That is why we need to still work and assess our life to totally experience this moment of happiness for a lifetime.

But, how could we experience this moment, if in our world there is chaos and turmoil? In fact almost all of the countries in the world experience hostility and transgression. Some suffer from war, politics and poverty. Many people die; men and women, young and old, there is no exception. Everyone is involved when it comes to unfair treatment of power. These are the doings of greedy individuals who don’t want to be involved with other people especially if they know that those people cannot help them with their personal motives. These people always want to be on top that is why they don’t want to see the success of other people. However if there is harmony, unity, and love for each other everyone will experience a peaceful community. No one will experience hunger and everyone will get equal treatment when it comes to the rights and dignity of people.

Therefore, we need to work harder in order to commit this vision of ours. We need to create a harmonious community so that we can attain silence in our heart and mind. It is actually true that in silence we can think clearly. Through this we can make the right decision. And here we will know the answers to our problems. In silence we can reflect and weigh the things that we have done. Did we play fair and good to people around us? Are they happy with our service to them? Yes, in being silent, our mind and heart unite to do good things to our neighbor.

We must pray and be a good example to everyone. Starting from your self, correct those bad habits of yours. Forget the hatred that makes your heart aches. Instead think of those happy moments and make it as your motivation to go on serving and working for unity and harmony. If you hurt people, do not hesitate to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. Humbling yourself is not an easy task especially if you are not used to it, but after the reconciliation you will feel free. Unload your bad experiences in your heart and load it with good experiences. Through this, you will create a peaceful environment. Get rid of that envy towards your co-workers, friend and neighbors because it will only cause you problems. Being envious to the people that surround you is not a healthy habit. Sometimes this attitude makes a person miserable and insecure to the extent that they become violent and selfish.

Hence if you want to find happiness and total silence in your life you need to work for your dream to happen. Do not just wait for other people to do this because in attaining peace everyone must move and show their contribution to the world. Forget all the human greed that dwells in your feeling instead you need to cultivate the love that’s in your heart. Plant it and nourish it so that it will bare good fruit. And when this happens do not forget to share these blessings to other people. Only then we can attain harmony.