If we check the world were we live, it’s hard to find peace because of violence, discord, and disunity. It’s hard to find peace if you are surrounded with violence but it’s also possible. To find peace and joy in this kind of world, it should start in you by becoming a peacemaker. You could become a mediator of peace within the walls of your home and to people who run in your societal circles. It’s a fact that to promote peace is not easy but it’s worth it. Here are some of the ways on how you can become a peacemaker in your own home or society.

Be A Peacemaker: Peace should start within us if we want to have peace in our surroundings. It’s easier to achieve peace if everyone is willing to cooperate with each other. To become a peacemaker you need to have the desire to be one. You need to be passionate to become one because no one can become peacemakers if they don’t want that for themselves. You need to convince yourself that it is the right for you to do. Other people will easily believe you if they see that you also believe that you can be a peacemaker.

Listen & Understand: Learn how to listen and understand to the person you are talking to avoid any conflict and misunderstanding. Practice positive thinking when you are dealing with other people. Try to think of things that could benefit you and other people. Conflicts normally occur if someone is not willing to listen and understand the other party’s opinion.

Show Respect: This is very important in becoming or being a peacemaker. When you are trying to discuss something to other party, try to find a private place where you could talk freely and also free from any distractions when resolving the conflict.

Aim To Achieve Mutual Benefit: When you are trying to solve any conflict to another person, make sure that you both aim to achieve mutual benefit. Your goal is to achieve peace towards each other. Try to set ground rules like avoiding name-calling, yelling or blaming. If two parties speak softly towards each other, it will help diffuse bad feelings that may rise from emotionally-charged language that can give rise to hostility. Try to suggest an approach of accepting responsibility for the actions and words within their control, and not actions that they can’t control. Trbet oyun